Agus Rusdiana, Ph.D

Name  :   Agus Rusdiana

Profession :  Lecturers and Researchers

Date of Birth  : August 12th, 1976

Years with Firm/Entity :  2001

Nationality: Indonesian

Membership of Professional Societies:

  1. Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Sports Biomechanics
  2. Chairperson of the Research and Development Commission in the All-Indonesian Rowing Sports Branch PB PODSI Indonesian
  3. Head of Science and Technology and Upgrading Education in the All-Indonesia Rowing Sports Branch, West Java Province

Detailed Tasks Assigned:

  1. Lecturers of courses: Sport Biomechanics, Sport Game Analysis, Sports Test and Measurement, Sports Technology, Sports Analysis, Athletics, Football, Kinesiology
  2. Research by the UPI LPPM
  3. Community service

Key Qualifications:

Additional Training and Education:

  1. National level research reviewer training and community service, 2018
  2. National level basic level goods and service procurement training, 2017


  1. Doctoral Program, Sport Sciences (Sport Biomechanics), Toyota, Japan, 2012
  2. Magister, Sport Sciences, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, 2007
  3. Bachelor of Education, Sports Coaching Science, Indonesia University of Education, West Java, Indonesian, 2000

Employment Record:

  1. 2001- Present, Indonesia University of Education -Assistant Professor. Previous position: Young Lecturer. Task: College Tridharma.
  2. 2017- 2020, Vide Dean Faculty of Sports and Health Education (FPOK) Indonesia University of Education.
  3. 2015-2017, Head of the Department of Health and Recreation Education & Head of the Sports Science Study Program, Faculty of Sports and Health Education (FPOK) Indonesia University of Education.

Selected Publications

  1. Agus Rusdiana, Boyke Mulyana, Dede Rohmat Nurjaya, Iman Imanudin Badruzaman, Erma Fauziah, Angga M Syahid. 2021. 3d Biomechanical Analysis Of Swimming Start Movements Using A Portable Smart Platform With Android Pie. Journal Of Engineering Science And Technology. Volume 16, Issue 1, Pages 571-585. Article In Press,Croatia Q3.
  2. Dr Nurjaya, Adeg Abdullah, A Ma’mun, A Rusdiana. 2020. Rowing Talent Identification Based On Main And Weighted Criteria From The Analytic Hierarchy Process (Ahp). Journal Of Engineering Science And Technology 15 (6), 3723-3740.
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